Frequently Asked Questions about TM44 Inspections

If you’re a business owner in the UK, you may have heard about TM44 inspections and their significance. At MacEnergy123, we understand that you may have questions regarding these inspections. In this FAQ section, we provide answers to some common queries, including what TM44 inspections entail, why they are necessary, and our process for delivering this service. Read on to gain a better understanding of TM44 inspections and how MacEnergy123 can assist you in meeting regulatory requirements.

What is a TM44 inspection?

A TM44 inspection is a comprehensive assessment of the air conditioning systems in commercial buildings. It evaluates the efficiency and compliance of these systems, identifying any potential energy wastage or non-compliance with legal regulations. The inspection is conducted by qualified assessors who specialize in evaluating the performance and effectiveness of air conditioning systems.

Why is a TM44 inspection needed?

A TM44 inspection is a legal requirement for businesses in the UK. It ensures that air conditioning systems are operating efficiently, thereby reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Additionally, TM44 inspections help businesses identify opportunities for improvement, optimize energy usage, and potentially lower operational costs.

What is the process for TM44 inspections with MacEnergy123?

To initiate a TM44 inspection with MacEnergy123, we will require floor plans and relevant documents related to your air conditioning systems. Our qualified assessors will then conduct a visual inspection of the systems, assessing their performance, efficiency, and compliance with regulations. Following the inspection, we will prepare a detailed building report, which will be lodged on a Government database operated by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.

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